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MicroVision Medical is a spin off of the Academical Medical Center with the University of Amsterdam. It was founded in 2004 and has since then developed, produced and marketed the MicroScan. The Sidestream Dark Field technology incorporated in the MicroScan enables the physician to visualize the microcirculation at the bedside.


Our Goals and Vision.

MicroVision Medical aims to improve detection, treatment and monitoring of septic patients by developing pioneering technology, evidence based development and implementing user feedback. It is our goal to be the number one provider of non-invasive monitoring solutions for sepsis and establish the routine use of microcirculatory monitoring.

Our vision is to save lives and improve outcome of septic patients based upon non-invasive technologies capable of assessing the microcirculation.




Current clinical research mainly focuses on the relevance of microcirculatory monitoring of patients on the ICU with severe sepsis or septic shock. A list of key publications can be found on this site soon.

Examples of the images generated by the MicroScan can be found on this site soon.


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Feature List

The Microscan Instrument

The system is a handheld video microscope with LED illumination. It is available in 5x magnification....


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