Real-time, automatic bedside
microcirculation measurement analysis and scoring

Automatic analysis and scoring in seconds

Our new AVA 5 has a completely new user interface that includes step-by-step guidance for image acquisition and fully automatic image analysis. MicroVision Medical has proven that AVA 5 will revolutionise microcirculation monitoring at the bed side. A complete measurement takes less than 5 minutes! This includes the time for an operator to capture images at three sites and the fully automatic analysis.

The complete system can be offered as a simple, easy to use and portable setup on a rolling stand. The analysis results are displayed in an easily viewed and simple format so that the physician can make conclusions rapidly and with certainty. The software also displays the results of multiple measurements in an easy to understand graph, therefore allowing the physician to easily assess the effects of treatment on the microcirculation per patient in time.

The AVA 5 software adheres fully to the independently set rules of microcirculation data analysis as set forth by the key opinion leaders on the intensive care in their paper called 'How to evaluate the microcirculation: report of a round table conference' published in Critical Care in 2007. The authors include dr. Daniel De Backer (MD), dr. Steven Hollenberg (MD), dr. Christiaan Boerma (MD) and dr. Can Ince.

Parameters presented to the nurses and physicians include:

  • Heterogeneity index (small, medium, large and total)

  • De Backer score

  • Proportion of perfused vessels (small, medium, large and total)

  • Perfused vessel density (small, medium, large and total)

Included in the software are parameters critical for animal research and more detailed analysis of patient data.

Video demonstration

A demonstration video of the software can be viewed at:

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